All You Need To Know About Glass Pool Fencing

Here are some special things you should know about glass pool fences…

It’s Solid and Durable

Unlike other glasses that are very fragile, glass pool fences are primarily designed to be durable and less likely to break even with strong impacts. These kinds of glass are usually thicker compared to other glasses to endure breaking. They underwent a long process to ensure they become stronger compared to other glasses. So even if a grown-up adult bumps into the glass, the glass will be able to keep itself from breaking which means it can keep both adults and kids safe inside the fences.

It’s Safe for Kids

Contrary to what a lot of parents think that glass pool fences are dangerous for kids, these glass fences are in fact very safe for kids. As mentioned above, they are sturdy so even if a kid runs into the glass, it won’t break and will not cause any injury to the kid unless the impact was too strong that may cause bruising on the skin. However, glass pool fences are approved to be safe in houses for toddlers and kids.

It’s Compatible with Different Surfaces

Whether you have concrete or tiles as floors for your pool area, you would still be able to install glass fences for your pool. Glass fences can easily be attached to different kinds of surfaces even on wood like timber surfaces. Even more, you can also install glass fences on Sydney soil! With the help of a few concrete pads, you will surely be able to attach glass fences over the soil. You need to look for the best materials to support your glass fences. There are some that are specifically made for hard areas like concrete and tiles, and there are some for other materials like timber.

It’s Available in Two Models

There are about two major types of glass fence, one with semi frames and one that is frameless. Semi-frameless glass fencing is those kinds that are usually attached to posts through glass panels. These have the posts as the foundation of the glass before they install the glasses fences. On the other hand, frameless glass pool fences are frameless and are only supported by channels or some clamps that are specially designed for these purposes.

It Requires Little Maintenance

It is easy to clean and since it is clear, no need to regularly maintain painting. Unlike other kinds of pool fences, glass fences are much easier to manage with lesser maintenance expenses and labour. Although it may be a bit costly to install, it is still a good investment in the long run. With its elegance, durability and maintenance, glass pool fencing is indeed better compared to other kinds of fences.

Glass fences look classy and are very durable for pool fences. It gives you undistracted view from your pool plus it has more advantages compared to metal fences.